2013 Gratitude Project – Travel: San Antonio

2013 Gratitude Project – Travel: San Antonio

This month will be a celebration of travel. I am so grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had over my nearly thirty years to explore the world. Click here to read about my 2013 November Gratitude Project – Travel

the AlamoGrowing up in Dallas, San Antonio was relatively close, so over the years I made the trip for various reason and with various groups. Of course I toured there with The Texas Boys Choir and with my high school choir we took two trips to San Antonio. When it was my dad’s turn to plan his family’s triennial family reunion, we chose to host it in San Antonio. I took a day trip there with my brother, sister and her husband.

It is such a fascinating city with rich history both from the Spanish missions to the Alamo. Running through downtown is a beautiful river walk lined with restaurants and hotels. Boats travel up and down the river giving tours with dinner and mariachis.

I’ve always enjoyed visiting San Antonio again and again. Not only does it have the wonderful history, historical architecture and energetic downtown, but it also is home to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Sea World San Antonio. Both are fun places to go!

Enjoy a few images and always remember the Alamo!

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