2013 Gratitude Project – Travel: The Texas State Capitol

2013 Gratitude Project – Travel: The Texas State Capitol

This month will be a celebration of travel. I am so grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had over my nearly thirty years to explore the world. Click here to read about my 2013 November Gratitude Project – Travel


On that same day trip to San Antonio during the Christmas holiday in 2009, we made a pit stop in Austin on the way home. Here are a few pics from the Texas State Capitol Building at night from that trip.

This is another place I’ve been to multiple times – with The Texas Boys Choir, my high school choir and with family. With both choirs we sung somewhere in the building, once in the rotunda and another time in a big staircase. I am very grateful to be from Texas. Growing up in Texas made me who I am today. I am grateful my parents decided to take the job in Dallas instead of Wyoming after my dad graduated college. I am grateful for the amazing place and unique culture that is Texas.

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