Kevin: The Adventurer

“Kevin is immediately personable and likable. These traits, mixed with his sharp intellect and optimistic outlook on life, make Kevin stand out in a group.” (Yvette Arts, 2009)

Here’s a little more about me, Kevin Earl. I grew up in Texas. I’ve lived on four continents, traveled to 39 U.S. states and 12 other countries (not including airport layovers), went to college in Utah, and taught English in China for a year. I currently live and work in Scottsdale, Arizona. I describe myself as an everyday adventurer and blogger, an amateur photographer, a professional tour guide and communicator, and as a lover of both visual and performed arts.

I have been blessed to travel the world and United States with The Texas Boys Choir, BYU Young Ambassadors, Michael McLean’s Forgotten Carols, other formal programs and on my own, and I have loved every minute of experiencing new cultures, new places and new people. As I told my students in China, my favorite activity or my hobby is traveling. I plan to continue trotting the globe having many adventures along the way.

Everyday Adventurer

In the words of one of my favorite movies, “Adventure is out there!” (Disney/Pixar’s Up) I hope everyday is an adventure for me and all of you. I enjoy finding things to see and do where ever I am. When I go on a trip, I want to do as much as possible and enjoy myself, not sit in a hotel room or eat at places I can eat at anywhere else, but get out to meet people, enjoy life and experience wonderful things.

Professional Communicator

I am a graduate of Brigham Young University’s Department of Communications with an emphasis in public relations. I enjoy advocating for organizations that I believe in, helping disseminate strategically crafted messages through specific channels to key audiences. I feel one of the most important parts of any organization’s communications efforts should be building two-way relationships with individuals and organizations both friends and critics. I moved to Arizona to manage the marketing and logistics of a Scottsdale art gallery.

I am now privileged to spend my working time at a national historic landmark and one of the homes of my favorite architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, at Taliesin West in Scottsdale. I learn new things everyday about his visionary design philosophies as I give tours of that magnificent campus and work in the development department for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Come visit and maybe I’ll be leading your tour!

Please visit my LinkedIn profile to connect or see my resume.

“Kevin has an amazing work ethic and will do what ever is required to finish the task at hand. Kevin has great vision and can see a problem and fix it before others. Kevin takes instructions very well and is very respectful to all those above and below him.” (Logan Wilkes, 2010)

Certified Tourism Ambassador

Because of my love of travel and having adventures, I received my CTA certification in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. I love to give tours, a passion I developed working at This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City. If you need help planning your adventures, I’d be happy to help.


I share that excitement for everyday adventures here, on my blog. You can read about my adventures new and old as well as reviews for shows I’ve seen, exhibits and restaurants I visited and helpful links and information when planning your own adventure to a place I’ve been. My other blog, Paid Typos, currently inactive due to the time needed to keep it up, is dedicated to fighting poor writing by paid writers. I hope you enjoy and contribute by leaving your comments.

Amateur Photographer

I love capturing a moment in time through the art of photography. I enjoy documenting my adventures and experiences while taking beautiful pictures of what is around me. To see some of my photography, check out my gallery page or visit my Photobucket albums from the link on the adventure resources page.

Lover of the Arts

Since I was a young boy, I developed a love of performed arts. I performed and toured with The Texas Boys Choir for many years. This experience took me to Europe for the first time, sent me to Australia as an exchange student, had me sing solos in front of thousands in grand concert halls and churches around the world, and gave me a look into hundreds of people’s lives as they hosted me in their homes.

In high school I participated in theater both on and off stage. In college I was stage manager for the BYU Young Ambassadors and traveled the world with them. I also enjoy beautiful visual arts and seeing a new perspective of something through photography, painting, furniture, textiles and sculpture. Before attending BYU, I graduated from LDS Business College where I received an associates degree and a certificate in interior design. One of my favorite forms of art is architecture, and my favorite architect is Frank Lloyd Wright.

A Mormon

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nicknamed the Mormon church. I am a Christian. I actively serve in my church and am grateful for the strength, hope and optimism my faith gives me. Please visit my profile on, link found on the sidebar, to find out more about what I believe and why I believe it. There you can also read many other profiles of devout Mormons and see what the LDS church is all about.

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