Have your own adventure

  • Adventure Patches Map – A Google map with many of my adventures marked on it. Select a location and you can get directions to go and have your own.
  • Adventure Patches – China Map – A Google map with locations of my adventures in China pinned.
  • China Horizons – This is the organization that helped me get to China. They have volunteer positions and can help find paid positions.
  • Lonely Planet – One of the best travel resources there is, except for someone you know personally who has been there.
  • Mulan’s Tours – A great tour service and travel agency for southwestern China specifically the Guilin area, some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. She is great to work with and works with you on schedule and budget.
  • DFW and Beyond – Visiting the Dallas area? This site will help you figure out everything you need to. Still have questions? Send me a message, I’m a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA).

My Stuff

  • Taliesin West – My current place of employment is the Winter Home of Frank Lloyd Wright, a national historic landmark. I give tours of this fantastic campus and work with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s development department
  • Photobucket – My Photobucket account. Be sure to check out the sub-albums (there are a lot more than 2 pics in the China album).
  • LinkedIn profile – See my professional qualifications and how I can help you and your company.
  • profile – See what I believe and why I believe it.
  • Twitter – Follow my adventures live on Twitter.
  • Pinterest – My boards cover everything from travel and adventure to art and design.
  • The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art – This gallery is what brought me to Arizona.

My friends’ sites

My Past

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