An Easter thought and poem

Peter’s Denial and Ours

Deny him?

No, how could I?

He is my master,

My Rabboni.

“You, you spent time with him in Galilee!”

Me, no, never! No sir, not I.

I did it,

Denied my lord.

My heart is broken.

No solace does it afford.

“Him, that guy, he was with Jesus.”

What? Why would you think that?

I’d swear I knew him not.

Oh no, again,

Again, I lied.

I said I didn’t know him.

My master I denied.

“No, I’m sure. You can’t hide it from us.”

No, damn it, I never knew him!


No, that’s it!

I denied the Son.

Just as he said I should,

Before I had begun.

Three times I did

And that will be all

Not ever again

Not even if I fall.

He is my Savior,

My Messiah, my friend,

I will defend him

And serve to the very end.

How many times have you denied him,

After acknowledging you shouldn’t?

Bowed head and made penance

While crossed fingers showed you wouldn’t?

He knows your will

He knows your mind

He will always love you

He made payment in kind.

He wants to forgive

And mercy bring

If only you give your will

As an offering

Come to him, do his work,

And share his love

Share that he is their father

Up above.

by Kevin Earl March 2012

I love my Savior. I know he loves all of us even if we have made mistakes and sinned, and that he is there when we need comfort and strength. That is why he suffered, bled and died for each of his brothers and sisters. Most glorious of all was his triumphant victory over death as he rose from the grave and took up a perfect, resurrected body on the third day. He is risen! Our Father in Heaven loves each of us and gave his only begotten son that we might live and find joy throughout eternity.


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