New Adventure Patches – China Map

I’ve created an Adventure Patches – China Map with locations of my adventures throughout China. Using Google Maps like I did for my Adventure Patches Map, I’ve marked the locations of my adventures all across China and marked off areas including markets and walking streets. Even though I’m almost positive that most of the pins are in the correct locations, I can’t guarantee that they are. If you use this map to have your own adventures, be sure to double check all directions and public transit instructions — Google Maps is not the most accurate in China. In fact, satellite view is off completely and bus routes are constantly changing without notice or change on Google. The locations are accurate but the directions may not be. You may need to get a physical map to help you really map out how to get from point A to point B. If you have questions about locations or directions, feel free to drop me a line via the contact button above and I’ll try and help if I can.

Hong Kong, however, should be great for directions and satellite view. As opposed to the Mainland, Hong Kong has a great Google Maps infrastructure and the transit system is fully integrated into the maps.

I hope this helps those of you trying to figure out your own adventures in China. Currently, my adventures in Anhui and Hefei are all up-to-date as well as Xi’an. I’ll keep adding over the next couple of days to get it current with my adventures, and I’ll keep updating as I go.

2 responses to “New Adventure Patches – China Map

    • I said in the post I haven’t finished marking everything. I’m starting with the Mainland cities first. Hong Kong and Macau will come in a couple of days. I’ve already done Anhui Province, Xi’an and Guangxi Province.

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