Patches, collages and textures

I love traveling and  exploring. As I visit places all around the world, I buy patches and take photographs to help me remember my adventures and the details, textures and experiences that made that adventure memorable. These are what I want to share with you to encourage you to have a little more adventure in your life.

Why patches, collages and textures?

"I'm a Pepper" patchSince I was a little boy, I have collected patches from the various places I have been. I have hundreds from all around the country and world and of course from my scouting experience. I will post some of these patches and share stories about the adventures they are from.

Photography has become a passion of mine over the recent years. I love the ability to capturePhiladelphia PRSSA 2007 National Conference Montage and freeze a moment in time. Over the past few years, after an adventure or trip, I have made collages of photos chronicling the event. I will share some of these, new and old, sharing the experience and giving tips for future adventures you may have.

Each place I visit or experience can be summarized by what I like to call its textures, or the details that combine to create the complete experience. When I interned in New York City, I noticed many Battery Maritime Building Texturebeautiful textures that many New Yorkers miss on a daily basis. I started sharing those in forms of a close-up photo and a challenge for people to guess what it is. Then I followed up with the answer to the challenge and some interesting facts. I will continue this and share textures from where ever I go.

I hope that through my adventures, you will be inspired to go out and have your own. Please share this and contribute by sharing your own adventures. Just remember, “Adventure is out there!”

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