Been There Done That

Today, I head off on another adventure, mid-semester tour for the BYU Young Ambassadors to Arizona. We will have 11 shows in ten days in seven cities across the state. As their stage manager, I spend most of my time in theaters setting up for our shows but every once and a while, I will join the group on an excursion to a local tourist destination, shopping center or outreach at a local school or nursing home. I have been to Arizona before, a few times.

The first time I visited the Grand Canyon State was when I toured with The Texas Boys Choir as a young boy. I don’t remember how many performances we had there, but I do remember visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time and Tombstone.

Over the last week I have remembered more and more about our trip to Tombstone because we are going there with the Young Ambassadors. I remember the OK Corral, a “reenactment” of the shoot out at OK Corral, a wild west museum with gallows outside and walking under the world’s largest rose bush.

Even though I’ve been there done that, I am excited to go again and see what has changed and refresh my memory of “the town too tough to die.” Will there still be the super melodramatic show about the shoot out? Is the rose bush still alive and has it grown any bigger? Well, I guess I’ll find out on Monday. If you know of any must sees, let me know via comment. I’ll share more about the tour, Tombstone and Arizona, including pictures, when I get back. In the mean time, go out an have an adventure.

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