To Mom

Mothers Day is approaching all over the world or has passed in some places. It is celebrated the second Sunday of May in many countries including the U.S. and here in China. This week in class we discussed moms and the holiday, and after sharing a couple of poems with them about mothers (one by me and one by Edgar A. Guest), I had them write their own poems to their mothers. Since I had them do it, I decided to do it too and that is what I’m sharing with you. (feel free to use it for your mother too as long as you give credit) I hope you enjoy. Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers and grandmothers. I hope you get a hug.

A poem to my mother

(and in case the image doesn’t load, here is just the text)


Mom, have I ever told you how awesome you are?

For me your kid you gave it all, so I could reach out and touch a star.

You took a job and stayed up late,

You showed me how to love, not hate.

You let me stay up and watch TV, the classics on Nick at Nite,

You taught me the secret of tasty things with Miracle Whip, that’s right.

You typed my high school papers and listened to me moan,

You put up with lizards and frogs that seemed to take over your home.

You listen and comfort when things are looking bleak,

Even when you’re busy, you always make time to speak.

You cheer on and encourage when opportunities arise,

If there were a one for greatest mom, you’re sure to win the prize.

Yes, mom, you’re awesome, and I can’t really show,

That I love you everyday more than you could ever know.

To me your hugs are gold and your smile sweet as honey,

No matter how old I get, you’ll always be my mommy.

Mom, you’re awesome; you truly raise the bar.

I hope you always remember that – no matter where you are.

By Kevin Earl


Thanks mom for everything. I love you.

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