The Y Book

For two years, I worked on a great project that has finally been published and distributed to thousands of people who will hopefully use it throughout their university experience and beyond, The Y Book published by the Student Alumni Association. I was so excited when I received my Y Book in the mail this week. The Y Book is all about BYU traditions and how to make the most of your time as a student at BYU. It is full of adventures to have as a student at BYU. It was given to all of the freshmen who attended New Student Orientation and Foundations of Leadership at the beginning of the semester.

The book will be given to freshmen each year and give them an introduction to BYU so full of the spirit of the Y that there’s no question what color those students will bleed after just a semester. Many ways for students to get involved are outlined and descriptions are given of many facets of BYU life and traditions. As students participate in certain activities and traditions highlighted in the book, they can earn points to receive rewards.

As a committee member with the Student Alumni, I helped conceptualize and eventually did research for and wrote some of the sections in the publication, and then as a Student Alumni student officer, I oversaw the work as we decided on designs, art and other details. The semester after I left as an officer, they finished it and sent it off to the printer. I am so happy that all of the work has been finalized in a great product. It was a pleasure to work with Mark, Allison, Autumn, Curtis and all others involved on this project. I only did a little, so I say thanks for making it happen.

I know The Y Book will help students connect to their university on a whole new level that will give them a more enhanced experience as a student and a deeper desire to give back with their time, talent or treasures as an alumnus or alumna.

If you’re in Provo or Salt Lake and want to see a copy of the book, visit the Student Alumni office in the Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center or find a freshmen. I’m not sure if there are plans to make it available at the bookstore or online for upperclassmen or alumni.

For those interested, I compiled the historical time line, wrote the “For Freshmen” page, compiled the list of BYU abbreviations, wrote the Student Organizations and Student Services sections, wrote most of the Homecoming section, wrote the original draft of the Cosmo page and wrote the pages about the Young Ambassadors and Living Legends.

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