The New Adventure Patches

Introducing the new Adventure Patches!

AP homepage

I decided after five years of blogging it was time to get my own domain and host Adventure Patches myself, well, with Bluehost. The new design and layout is more photo-centric with large pictures and galleries. There’s a new Places page with maps, a newly designed and written About page, and all new gallery pages. Here are a few screenshots.

AP galleries page

AP archives page

Explore the full site at

Another major change that comes with this transition is for all you subscribers. Since I will no longer be posting on site, those of you who have subscribed through it will no longer receive new posts in your email inbox each time one is published. They will only appear in your reader. If you would like to continue receiving an email each time I share a new adventure, go to the new site and enter your email address into the subscription form at the bottom of the homepage or the sidebar of the posts.

You’ll want to make sure you’re a subscriber because big adventure announcements are coming soon including some change in location and international travel!

The new Adventure Patches uses the Virtue (free) theme for WordPress with a couple of slight modifications and his hosted on Bluehost. I am using the JetPack plugin to connect this blog with the new site, which is how the subscriptions will still show up in the reader. I’m also using the MetaSlider plugin for a few of the sliders throughout the site including the homepage galleries slider.

Note: I am still working to fix links throughout the site. If you find a broken link or image or a link that takes you to the old site, let me know, so I can fix it. I’m happy to see your feedback.

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