A Photographic Adventure to the Los Angeles Temple

1 Feb 2015 Los Angeles Temple (1)

On my quest to visit and photograph all of the world’s LDS temples, while helping my sister drive home to California from Texas recently we made a pit stop at the Los Angeles California Temple. I had visited this temple once before about 13 years ago with my family when we were in Southern California, but I didn’t get any pictures then.

This lovely large temple was built in the 1950s and for decades was the most accessible temple to members of the church from around the world. It is perched a top a hill on Santa Monica Boulevard and has a very L.A. feel to it with influences from other pieces of impressive architecture.

I visited with my sister and niece.

We were also graced with the presence of some beautiful, colorful, flitting hummingbirds.

1 Feb 2015 Los Angeles Temple (95)

I’m glad we made time for this little excursion even though it wasn’t the fastest way to our destination, and I’m glad it was with family that I could visit this special place.

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