Gratitude 2014: The Best People in My Life

Happy Thanksgiving! To close out my gratitude project this year about the people in my life I’m grateful for, I’ll share my thanks for the best people in my life. There are no people that I need to express gratitude for more than my family.

My Dad

Not the most tactful or patient person or the most up-to-date or fashionable man, but no greater example, teacher, father is there. He taught me how to be a good person; he shared his testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and taught me how to find and grow my own. He taught me about hard work and service and how to be there for “the least of these.” Thank you, dad, for the life lessons you taught me. Thanks for being understanding and loving no matter what. Thank you for spending time with me, going to reptile expos, getting ice cream and having adventures with me. Thanks for being the best dad you could be and doing what you thought would be best for your kids. Thank you for being you.

mom and dad


What can I say about my mom that I haven’t said before? I think she is the greatest, so yes, I’ll admit I’m a bit of a momma’s boy. She has always been there for me and always encouraged me to try new things. She has been example of acceptance and love. I’ve seen her serve diligently meeting the spiritual and physical needs of families in our congregations. Her events are always amazing and beautiful. She has sacrificed so much for her family and others, but she showed me not to give up on your goals when she went back to school. Thank you, mom, for being an amazing loving mother who was and is always there for your kids. Thanks for being an example of charity, creativity, strength, patience and perseverance.

9 July 2012 LucasFilm (14)Alan

To my oldest brother and roommate I say thank you for teaching me about dealing with struggles and trials in life. Thanks for spending time with me and thanks for setting a good example for your younger brother. I followed in your steps in the boys choir, to Australia, on a mission and to BYU. Thanks for following me to Arizona.

Justin and Alycia

justin and alyciaMy other brother and his wife are amazing. I’ve watched them grow since their first date when I was living with Justin and happened to pass by them dancing by the car in Big Cottonwood Canyon. You both inspire me to be a better person and a more active person. Justin, thanks for taking the effort to build our relationship and letting me work with you. Thank you for finding Alycia and bring her into the family. Thanks to both of you for having some fun kids that I can be uncle to.

Susanna and Boyd

Boyd and SusMy sister and best friend through most of my growing up years. Thank you for that. Thanks for spending time with your older brother. Thanks for being willing to sit around a talk for hours on end about any and everything. Thank you for going on adventures with me, coming to visit me and listening to my ranting and raving. Thank you for falling in love with Boyd. And, Boyd, thank you for being you. I love your nerdy self and that you are different from us because it will hopefully teach us to be better people for it. And thanks you guys for Vivian because she is just the cutest!

I love my family and am so grateful they are a part of my life even if I neglect to call them on a regular basis. It wouldn’t be the same without them even when we’re scattered all over the country and at times the world. Thank you for being there and supporting me.

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