Gratitude 2014 – A Shepherd

One of my favorite metaphors regarding religious leaders is that of being a shepherd to their flock of parishioners. I gained deep insight into this when I served for a for a few months as the leader of a small congregation in Hungary 10 years ago. I studied the verses of scripture that used this metaphor and it helped me as I tried to carry out the responsibilities in that position. 

Currently, I have a bishop of my congregation that is more like a shepherd than almost any other I’ve been led by. He has a true love for each individual in his flock and humbly seeks guidance through prayer and study to serve the needs of each lost lamb. His example of charity, humility and several other good attributes serve for me as I strive to be a better person and kinder to my fellow earthly sojourners.

So, today I express gratitude for Bishop Farnsworth. Thank you for your example. Thank you for feeding His sheep and finding His lambs especially since I am one of those wooly, baaing critters.


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