Gratitude 2014 – A College Professor

prssa detroit

BYU delegation at PRSSA National Conference in Detroit in 2008 – Professor Walton is in Red

Today, I express gratitude for one particular college professor who is a great teacher and mentor—Susan Walton. Professor Walton was my teacher for numerous courses throughout my degree at BYU. She was also our faculty advisor for our chapter of PRSSA, which I was involved with. She was an engaging educator at 7:30 in the morning during my Intro to PR course and was a thought-inducing pedagogue in more advanced coursework.

I appreciated her real-world knowledge having spent her career working at multi-national corporations and that she brought that experience to the classroom imparting valuable insight into the academic forum. Particularly, I have to thank her for her mentorship as I sought an internship in Chicago, eventually ending up in New York City with her help. Her guidance in many areas inspired me as a student and leader.

PRSSA san diego

Part of the BYU delegation from the PRSSA National Conference in San Diego in 2009 after lunch in Balboa Park – Professor Walton is second from the right

Even years after I completed her classes, her lessons come back with applicability in my current graduate studies and in real life. Just tonight in my class on leadership communication I shared her repeated lesson with my classmates about remembering that anything we put online or in an email is there forever and that we should pause, take a moment to review, and if necessary revise or delete before we hit send, post or publish.

Now, she is off doing great things at another institution of higher learning where she is also working toward a doctorate. Yet again, she has impressed me. Thank you for all you do and have done to help your students. Thanks for being a great teacher, a mentor, a reference, a leader and colleague.

One response to “Gratitude 2014 – A College Professor

  1. Professors really do have the ability to help students grow and understand! 🙂

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