My China Scrapbook

Last year I designed a scrapbook from my time in China with all of my blog posts and more pictures than I was able to share in the posts. For Christmas, my mom gave me vouchers to have the scrapbook printed. I’ve had too many instances of my digital files getting lost or corrupted, so I was happy to have the chance to publish my Oriental adventures in a physical format. I received the four volumes of my scrapbook this week and they turned out pretty good. The caption of each cover is the link to view the digital version. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and my mom got herself a voucher too so she could get one of my books. Instead of giving her just one of the four volumes, I created a special photo book just for her that has only pictures and no text, and I ordered myself one since the website offered me a discount on a second copy. You can find that book at the end of this post.

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