Albuquerque Temple

13 Sept 2013 Albuquerque Temple (6)On the way back through Albuquerque, I pulled off the interstate to take a walk around the LDS temple in the northeast corner of the city. If you’ve followed my adventures, you know that wherever I go I try to visit nearby LDS temples. These are special places for me and millions of others around the world.

Unlike a church building where congregations join together once or more times a week for worship services, a temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a sacred space where we go to get closer to God, make covenants and perform holy ordinances. We believe they are the house of the Lord and a place where heaven touches earth.

This is why I make an effort to visit as many as I can. This is why my bucket list includes visiting all of the 140+ LDS temples around the world. This is why I share these visits with you. Here are a few pictures from my pit stop in Albuquerque.

To learn more about temples, visit or send me a message.

13 Sept 2013 Albuquerque Temple (2)13 Sept 2013 Albuquerque Temple (8)13 Sept 2013 Albuquerque Temple (11)

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