If you could hike in Kolob

Kolob Canyons Taylor Creek Trail panorama

5 July 2013 Taylor Creek Trail Kolob Canyons (6)I’ve been to Zion National Park a handful of times and have always been in awe of the spectacular scenery. I’ve hiked many of the trails in the main canyon including the Emerald Pools Trails three times and the magnificent, albeit difficult, Angel’s Landing Trail. Each visit to ZNP was accompanied with a quick drive up Kolob Canyons to see the glorious red cliffs and peaks. During my trip to southern Utah last week, I finally spent some quality time in this natural wonder and did it with some good friends.

We decided to hike the Taylor Creek Trail, a 5-mile, round-trip hike that follows its namesake creek up one of the side canyons of Kolob. The trail is relatively easy with very little change in altitude and mostly shaded as it winds through the trees in the midst of red-rock cliffs rising hundreds of feet into the air.

Along the path you’ll pass two homestead cabins built in the 1930s. Eventually, you’ll find a spectacular, large alcove. From a distance you’ll see how amazing this place is seeing the shelf above with forest growing and then another large arched alcove on the side of the cliffs that rise another couple of hundred feet up.

Kolob Canyon Homestead Cabinhiking in Kolob on Taylor Creek TrailKolob Canyons Zion National Park

The lower arch that you actually hike to is ginormous and provides fun echoing acoustics. These circumstances led our musical little group to break into song, which of course was “If you could hie to Kolob” by William W. Phelps, a hymn of the LDS Church.

There were a dozen other hikers at the arch when the singing commenced who all stopped and listened to the ethereal sounds emanating from the geological formation. It was an extremely peaceful moment in the glorious surrounds of pristine wilderness. (see the video below)

After hanging out at the arch, we followed the trail back to the car pleased with our choice of the Taylor Creek Trail for an up-close experience with Kolob. We had the trail to ourselves most of the time even though it was a holiday weekend in one of the most visited national parks in the States. If you’re looking for a simple hike that isn’t too hard and brings great reward, this is a great one to choose.


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