Scottsdale Food Truck Caravan

I wrote the following review of the Scottsdale Food Truck Caravan for work.

Food Truck Caravan

by Kevin – Gallery Marketing and Logistics

Delicious food and local music on a pleasant Saturday night is what I found at the Food Truck Caravan in Old Town Scottsdale. This recent addition to Scottsdale’s nightlife offers about a dozen food trucks to choose from including everything from pho to grilled cheese and farm-fresh to soul food. Let’s just say there’s something for everyone.

I tried some deliciously satisfying fresh, fried chicken with mac ‘n cheese and coleslaw from Buzznbeez Food Truck, which will soon be featured on Food Network. I liked it so much I went back for more of their gooey five-cheese side dish. For dessert, I enjoyed delectable, fresh white chocolate raspberry ice cream from Udder Delight.

Read the rest here including a video all about the caravan!

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