Red rocks aren’t only for Utah

A friend of mine recently had a birthday. Instead of having a party or big gathering, she wanted to go hiking. We decided to go up to Sedona since most in the small group had never been. I was in no hurry to visit this small Arizona town. To me it had the reputation of being a small super-hippie town with some red rocks.

I was partially correct. It is a small super-hippie town. I mean there are shops for every kind of crystal you can think of, yes even “healing crystals.” There are even alleged energy vortexes.

What I was wrong about was the little grouping of red rocks. It isn’t just a small clump of rocks but instead the town is surrounded by beautiful red rock cliffs and plateaus. There are canyons all around and lots of opportunities for excellent hiking.

That’s exactly what we did. We did a couple of short hikes and hung out at a swimming hole. I don’t really know where the hikes were, but here are some photos of the day.


Getting a little wet crossing the river

butterfly in sedona

testing the energy vortex

After a fun day of hiking, we stopped at Rock City Café for their world-famous pie and some dinner. I got chicken fried steak, which was delicious, and some of their berry pie – also delectable. Definitely going back there some time!

rock springs cafe

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