A Grand Adventure

Life is my grand adventure, but my amazing dream travel experience would be a trip around the world. Sections of my trip would include just about everything on my bucket list including the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Holy Land, Mount Kilimanjaro, Bali, Antarctica and the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Pichu.

Even though this is my ultimate grand adventure, I would probably use the £1,000 for a grand adventure I’m planning for this May. Traveling by rail across storied countryside, gawking at sights I’ve only dreamed of, experiencing well-known cultures and landmarks as well as hidden treasures, returning to a land I called home for two years visiting old friends, and checking off a few more things from my bucket list. That’s what I would do on this grand adventure.

My itinerary may seem contrite with cliché stops and what some well-traveled people may consider child’s play, but to me even a trip around the block can be an adventure. I’ve been blessed to travel the world having lived on four continents and visited dozens of fantastical places while befriending locals and experiencing first-hand their magnificent ways of life. However, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit some of the most well-known and iconic travel destinations out there.

Lion from the Lanc Hid (Chain Bridge) in Budapest

Lion from the Lanc Hid (Chain Bridge) in Budapest

This May a group of friends are gathering in Budapest for a 10-year reunion from when we all lived there. As part of this trip, I plan on seeing parts of Europe I’ve not yet been fortunate enough to experience. My trip would begin with a flight on Icelandic Air and partners to Paris. The flight would include a day layover in Iceland when I would experience a small part of what that island nation has to offer.

From Reykjavik I would go to Paris, that glorious city I’ve always wanted to see firsthand. I would see the major sites and wander the minor streets. I would fall in love with the architecture and lights while being captivated by the food and culture. Another day I would take the train to Versailles and tour that grand palace and gardens. With only a few days to spend in the City of Lights I would make the most of every minute, maybe even having a special Midnight in Paris experience.

I would take a day train from Paris to Salzburg, Austria. This way I could see the beauty of the European countryside and magnificent Alps on my journey. I would spend a day exploring the hometown of Mozart and the storied city from The Sound of Music. At some point I would sing a song from the Von Trapp repertoire.

My next stop would be Vienna. I lived a mere 60 kilometers from this ancient city for six months just across the border, Sopron, Hungary. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to visit Vienna, so this is my chance.

Budapest along the Danube

a pieced panorama of Budapest from the Margaret Bridge

The next three days would be revisiting a country I called home for two years catching up with old friends and seeing how things have changed or more importantly haven’t. A day would be spent in the shadows of castles and the iconic Hungarian parliament building along the banks of the Danube. I would take the train to Debrecen one day and stay with friends and go to the small town of Vac another day.

From Budapest I would travel by train north to Prague. I would cram as much of this magnificent city into my limited time before hopping a flight back to Phoenix. This grand adventure is what I would use £1,000 for from the “A Grand Adventure” competition from MoneySupermarket.com. To make the money last as long as possible, I would travel by train, stay with friends and see the sights by foot and public transportation.

This post is being submitted to the “A Grand Adventure” competition sponsored by MoneySupermarket.com. In addition to my post, I’ll nominate a couple fellow bloggers I’ve enjoyed reading. Here are links to their blogs:



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