Thanksgiving Day 16: I can use Chopsticks!

Yep, I can eat with chopsticks. Just over a year ago, I enjoyed Chinese food but never used chopsticks. After all, they always gave me a fork at the restaurants I ate at and I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. Then I went to China. A place where using chopsticks is necessary to eat unless you pack your own utensils. The picture below is of me on my first day in the country attempting to use chopsticks. I am happy to tell you that I learned to use them and can still eat with them, I did just this evening for dinner, and that I have lost a few pounds since that picture was taken! I am ready for a silverware shortage. I’m still not perfect and when eating slippery or mushy foods I eat a little less than I otherwise would. However, for eating Americanized Chinese food and most everything else my chopstick skills are sufficient.

me with chopsticks

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