Thanksgiving Day 13: Costco Photo Center

Not very serious, but I’m still grateful for it. They should give me some free printing for how much I praise them. Today was a great example of why I’m grateful for it. As I mentioned in my post about displaying photos in your home, I have a few frames that are 12 inches by 36 inches, not a common size. I want to get some images printed for them for Christmas decor. As I was at Walmart I checked their photo center and they don’t even offer the size and their prices are much higher. I can get the size I want printed at Costco. So that’s where I’ll go.

2012 christmas panoramas

An idea of what the pictures may look like when up for Christmas decorations. from left to right: the holy family on the reflecting pool in front of the Salt Lake Temple, blown glass ornaments at the gallery where I work, a painting of Mary and Jesus in a Macau Catholic church

That’s not the only reason I like their photo printing services. They can do all of the standard sizes for standard frames and they can print photos at the newer dimensions created by newer cameras so you don’t have to crop your photographs. And that’s not all! (I just had to throw that line in.) As I mentioned above, their pricing is great, maybe better than anywhere else. While I was at Walmart, I looked at their pricing for poster prints. They were way more expensive than Costco’s prices. A 24″ x 36″ poster is $20 at wally world. At Costco you can get a 20″ x 30″ poster for under $10. You can even get it mounted on foam core for not much more. Although I haven’t made any “canvas” prints with them, they do offer the service. They also do lots of other options and photo gifts. I’ve always been pleased with my photo printing and enlargements at Costco. That is why today I’m grateful for Costco Photo Center.

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