Every New Spring Day

Every New Spring Day

Spring’s been hiding underground and in tree trunks here and there,

In bulbs and roots it hibernated through summer, fall and winter bare.

It waits for birds to sing their song and assure all is right,

For flowers to bloom and green appear amid the dawning light.

Have you ever noticed how the light of spring looks warmer than it feels?

The light gives warmth and hope to earth even amid the chills.

Even when it’s cold and wet the light seeps through the gray,

With warming glow that beats the damp more than on any other day.

The flowers bloom and green spreads out as spring is almost here.

It’s hailed in with little ceremony except for those who hear.

Oh, little birds keep singing sweet the songs of life and birth

And growing things that come up out of and beautify the earth.

She shows herself in little teases as winter begins to fade,

Coaxed by the gentle calls she heard the larks and robins made.

Spring emerges from her hiding place as a child who wants to play,

At least that’s what I see on every new spring day.

By Kevin Earl – 2 March 2012

I got into poet mode for some reason and over the last week written the poem above and the two others. I don’t know if you’ll like them or if you’ll think they’re any good, but I’m interested to know what you think, so maybe I’ll post the others based off the comments of this one.

3 responses to “Every New Spring Day

  1. I liked it…I can’t remember the last time I read poetry so my opinion may not mean much, but I liked it! The thought of sitting down to write a poem just baffles me! Keep it up!

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