Hong Kong Temple

After a couple of days in Guangzhou, we hopped on a train to Hong Kong. It’s only a short train ride and took us almost the same amount of time to get through immigration on both sides of the border. That’s right, even though Hong Kong is technically China, I nearly doubled the amount of stamps in my passport from this one little trip. From the border, we took a train to the Kowloon Tong stop and disembarked for the Hong Kong Temple.

Just up the hill from this stop is one of the most beautiful buildings in China, at least in my opinion. To quote a children’s hymn, “I love to see the temple.” Really, this was my ultimate destination for this trip. Guangzhou and Hong Kong are just wonderful consequences of wanting to go to the temple. We went straight there to check in since we would be staying in patron housing for two nights.

While we waited for Aaron to get clearance, he forgot his recommend in Hefei, the temple president came down and asked us to help with some baptisms. We were happy to get right to work. Also, because of this we ended up doing all of the ordinances while there. After helping with these ordinances, we freshened up in the patron housing and changed to go back and do an endowment session.

I love the house of the Lord and realize now that I did not take advantage of it like I should have when I lived within a few minutes of one. If you live within a short distance of the temple, go as often as possible. You won’t regret it.

We enjoyed our time in the temple. All of the temple workers were so helpful even the ones we had a language barrier with. As you might guess, to understand the ordinances we needed translation so during the endowment sessions we listened via headset in English. In other places in the temple, we merely read along in English while everything around us was being done in Cantonese.

I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to visit Hong Kong again while I’m here but I’m trying to figure out a trip to Taipei and maybe Seoul to see the temples during winter vacation.

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