One Month in China and Adventure Patches turns 100

I’ve been in the land of the Orient for a month! It feels like so much longer and not necessarily in a bad way. I thought I would mark my 100th blog post on Adventure Patches with a post about my first month in China as told through numbers. Some of these will spur questions from you and will require longer posts later to explain, so get ready to share your questions and comments below.

1 month in China

2 boys peeing on a bus

1 scorpion eaten off a stick

4 floors up to my apartment

7 classes of students

210 about the number of students in my classes

1 novel read (The Wizard of Oz) another being read (Uncle Tom’s Cabin)

8 movies watched

6 Yuan, the average cost of an everyday meal (not one from KFC or McDonalds)

2 things checked off the bucket list (Great Wall and Forbidden City)

3 more possible bucket list items while in China (see a Giant Panda, a heroic-sized Buddha and the Terracotta Warriors)

8 foreign teachers at Anhui University (1 German, 1 French, 1 Japanese, 1 Russian, 2 English, 2 Spanish (coming soon))

3 American fast-food places I’ve partaken of in China (KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut (not fast-food here))

150 about the number of people who call in each week for church meetings

5 super-stores from other countries that I’ve shopped at

Things that are too numerous to count

People wanting pictures of me not necessarily with me

People stopping dead in their tracks when they see me

Chinese words I don’t know

People in China

Automobile accidents that should have occurred but by some miracle didn’t

Broken-down yellow bikes scattered across campus

How many times I’ve heard “Hello” from somewhere after I’ve walked past

I’m getting used to China and living here. However, I will probably only stay here teaching for my current contract length. The people are mostly so friendly and willing to try and understand you as you play charades, and I am practicing a lot of patience as I try to understand some of them as they attempt English. Actually, most who are brave enough to speak to you in English are very good. My apartment is starting to feel more like home as I’ve dressed it up to feel a little more warm and friendly. It’s amazing what a couple of throw pillows and a plant will do to a room with dirty white walls, shiny grey industrial tiles and old dirty drapes.

I am planning trips now that I’ve gotten the school calendar translated and I’m planning lessons that will be fun and engaging for my students. I’ve realized that some lessons should really be complete nonsense just so they can have fun. Next weekend, October 1, is National Day and will be the beginning of a week-long holiday. I’m trying to plan a trip to Hong Kong for a few days to see the sights and visit the temple. Of course I will share all with you, so keep in touch and please post comments, share this with your friends and send me emails.

This marks the 100th post of Adventure Patches, brought to you from wherever Kevin may be. May adventure be with you this day and always. And remember, “Adventure is out there!”

6 responses to “One Month in China and Adventure Patches turns 100

  1. What are the 5 super stores from other countries?
    How does the price of the American fast food places compare to the Chinese places?
    Why are people stopping when they see you or wanting to take pictures of you? your height? size? that you are blonde? American? All of the above?
    It is hard to believe you have been gone for a month already!
    Continue with your adventure!

    • the 5 superstores from other countries: Walmart (USA), Tesco (England), Metro (Germany), RT Mart (Taiwan) and of course Chinese stores; it’s kind of interesting because in America there are Walmarts, Targets and K-marts that are the big superstores and they’re all American. I also learned that Aldi is a German store.

      American fast food prices are in China are much more expensive for Chinese restaurants but comparable to Chinese fast food chains. It is cheaper than American prices but a little and you don’t get as much food here as you do there.

      People stop and stare because I’m a white foreigner. It’s as simple as that. I look American and they know it and for some it is not an everyday occurrence so they stop dead in their tracks or smile and wave.

  2. Kevin, thanks for the great posts. It is taking me back to my missionary days in Taiwan. So many of the adventures you are having, I had too. The sights may be different, but the people and culture is very much the same. I am enjoying the adventure. Thanks for sharring. Love you and miss you tons.

  3. You only said 4 of the 5 foreign superstores… Before I read the whole post, I thought you were going to go through numbers 1-100. You already have at least 1-8. You should keep going! Have you learned any Chinese yet?

    • I said 5 stores from other countries and meant to say 5 stores from different countries. I was including China as one of the 5 countries. I was going to go 1-100 but got stuck after just a few and had repeat numbers of things I wanted to say.

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