Anhui University New Campus

The last few posts haven’t had any pictures so I thought this one would have more pictures. On Monday, I walked around campus to explore a bit more and this time brought my camera with me. So these are pictures of where I’ll be working and living over the next several months.

This is what you would see coming in through the main gate of the campus. On the left is the Arts Building. In the middle is the Library. On the Right is one of the buildings I’ll be teaching in.

These are their athletic facilities, the gymnasium and stadium. They are both nice facilities but I don’t know if they’re ever used except for fun. I don’t know if they have teams that play or what. These are the closest campus facilities to my apartment besides some dormitories.

On Monday hundreds of yellow bikes showed up on campus. They were donated by some company for use on campus. The funny thing is that they all still have bubble wrap on them and yet some are already falling apart. The statue is in a courtyard between the Arts Building and Humanities Building. I found the red lanterns waiting to be hung I’m sure for some festival, and the lotus flower is in one of the nice little gardens on campus.

On the left is one of the dining halls that’s in the middle of a bunch of dormitories. On the right is the library. It seems like the heart of the campus with everything sort of built around it. On this side is a large plaza with amphitheater style grading and a stage type platform area down front, but I don’t think it is ever used like that.

Here we are looking up out of the amphitheater near the back gate of the campus, which is used a lot more than the main gate, looking up at the library with dorms and classroom buildings on either side. Hope you enjoyed my very brief tour of Anhui University’s New Campus. You can visit my Photobucket albums to see more pictures of campus.

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