To Dublin for Drinks

When someone talks about getting drinks in Dublin, you probably think of Dublin, Ireland and beer. Well, when I say it I mean Dublin, Texas and Dr Pepper. That’s the home of the oldest original Dr Pepper bottling plant and some darn good Pepper.

My sister has been wanting to take me to Dublin for a while now because, well, we are both Peppers. Are you a Pepper? Anyway, the Dr Pepper from their tap is some of the best if not the best Pepper there is. It’s a small tour but only about $2.50 a person.

The tour takes you through part of the bottling plant where they have the machines that clean and refill old bottles. The guide talks about the history of the drink and what process they go through to get it just right. After the bottling rooms, you go through a few rooms with memorabilia including old advertisements and bottles and more.

After our tour, on which we received a free bottle of Dublin Dr Pepper, we ordered a sandwich and large DP of the tap from Old Doc’s, their café. If you plan it right you could even be there for their anniversary celebrations during the first week of June. During the celebrations, the town changes its name officially to Dr Pepper, Texas and they crown Miss Pretty Peggy Pepper.

If you’re a Pepper and have a free day, this is definitely worth a visit and must see. And don’t forget to bring a little extra cash because their gift shop has some unique Dr Pepper stuff, specific to Dublin.

Adventure is out there; now have one!

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