Korean Pit Stop

Left for China on Saturday and landed in Korea on Monday. Yeah, I skipped right over Sunday. I guess that’s okay though cause its one day less to wait for China since I’m getting there this (Monday) afternoon.

A few thoughts on the journey thus far:

  • Korean Air is awesome because their flight attendants not only give great service but they look like flight attendants right out of the heyday of commercial flight in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • LAX has a poorly laid out international terminal with all the restaurants and shops outside of security and not in the gate area. This makes for poor selection and exorbitant prices while waiting for your flight past security.
  • DFW’s relatively new international terminal is great even though McDonald’s didn’t have a Dollar Menu.
  • I struggle sleeping on long flights. I can’t seem to get comfortable in those seats especially with strangers next to me. Good thing there are tons of options for movies, shows and games on most international flights. On this flight I watched Kung Fu Panda 2, Rio, Water for Elephants, a documentary about the origins of Buddhism and only the beginnings of Sucker Punch and There Be Dragons. Maybe someday I will afford to get a ticket for one of the “Cocoons,” as they’re called in Last Holiday, and be able to lay down in my own little space undisturbed.
  • Incheon International Airport is really nice, at least the parts I’ve seen. There are comfy lounge areas, free wifi, Korean culture exhibits, showers and so much more. And they have beautiful live orchids growing in their planters.

Well, that’s my thoughts on this part of the journey. I am so excited to arrive in China! Over the next few days I’ll meander through the Forbidden City, walk on the Great Wall of China, see my first mummified dictator, and visit the National Stadium aka The Bird’s Nest. We will also visit the Summer Palace, a jade factory, the silk and pearl markets and so much more. Tonight, we are attending a Chinese acrobatics performance which should be pretty spectacular and maybe trump the Cirque du Soleil shows I’ve seen.

Anyway, I’m alive, well and made it over the Pacific Ocean for my first excursion to the Asian continent. I’ll write often ‘cause I’m sure almost every day will have a new adventure. After all, adventure is out there!

On that note, I have to say thank you to my mom and sister who helped finish my patch bag. It’s pretty awesome. Here are a few pics.

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