Washington’s Birthday

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of America’s greatest statesmen, commanders and servants. Although some states have added their own holiday of different names to be celebrated at the same time, the federal holiday is and has been since 1880 a day set aside to celebrate George Washington’s birthday.  His actual birthday is on 22 February but because of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act it now is held on the third Monday of each February. I highly respect the man and think he was the best man to be our first president.

Here’s a few fun facts and pictures to celebrate the birth of this great man:

His monument in our nation’s capitol is the tallest structure in the district and probably always will be. 

On his inauguration day, President Washington visited St. Paul’s in Manhattan, right across the street from Ground Zero, and sat in this booth. He sat here as president many other times as he attended church services.

President Washington was inaugurated in New York City right at the end of Wall Street in Federal Hall. The building that stands there now overlooking the New York Stock Exchange is not the original but does have information about his inauguration including a stone slab from the balcony from which he gave his speech. The building is the headquarters for the National Park Service in NYC with several sites that they have in their care. Visit the building to learn more about the NPS sites in the area and about the remarkable event that took place right there in lower Manhattan.

An original Washington memorial was commissioned by Congress in 1832. Remember many people at this time had known him or were only removed by one person from him. The statue resembled Zeus and showed the president half naked with a sheet draped over him. When the statue made its debut it drew controversy and eventually ended up in the Smithsonian.

Another thing, he is loved in other countries as much as the USA. While I lived in Hungary, I found parks and streets named after him. They even had a George Washington Day in 1906 when they erected a statue of the president in Budapest. I even had a couple of people claim that he is Hungarian, but then again, some Hungarians say that Jesus is Hungarian.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day. Go out and have an adventure to celebrate one of the men who fought for that freedom to have an adventure. I’m probably going to continue the HBO John Adams series with my family. Its a great look at the birth of our nation through the story of John Adams and Washington makes appearances or is mentioned throughout.

Now go have an adventure!

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