Penguin Days

I shared an adventure with you a couple of months ago to one of my favorite places, the Dallas Zoo. Well, in January and February the zoo offers a special discount for what they have called Penguin Days because it can be a bit chilly out. So, my brother-in-law and I went to the zoo to take advantage of the great deal. He hadn’t seen the new Giants of the Savanna exhibit and loved it just as much as I did. Here are a couple pics from our adventure to this great zoological park.

Giraffes in their Giants of the Savanna enclosure. Because of this exhibit these majestic mammals are gaining my favor and overcoming the Hippo as my favorite animal.

Did you know the giraffe's horn thingys are bones? Pretty cool. I've always thought their extremely long, black tongues are awesome.

I think it saw me taking the picture of it.

Elephants are pretty cool too especially when they are up close during one of the keeper demonstrations.

So, if you find yourself needing some adventure in these chilly but pleasant sunny winter days of January and February, take advantage of Penguin Days at the Dallas Zoo with a super discount of only $5 for admission.

2 responses to “Penguin Days

  1. Nice pictures, Kevin. You should think about entering the Dallas Zoo’s annual photo contest. It starts March 1 and ends June 30 this year. Check the website in March for details.

    • Thank you. I will look the photo contest.

      Susan, this may be a bit forward, but I am currently looking for a job, an entry level position, with a PR or communications firm or department. If you know of anyone that may have an opening or someone I should talk to and could introduce me, that would be great. Again, thank you for reading my blog.

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