Branson, Missouri Adventure part 2

Here are a few blanket observations and tips for visiting Branson:

  1. Branson is usually considered a place for the older generation and traditionally the shows have appealed to that generations, but Branson is a growing city with over 100 shows, many amusement parks and other attractions. This city is the perfect vacation destination for families with young children and teenagers with the new diversity of shows (vocal bands, percussion groups, impersonators, families, dancing, instrumentalists, rodeos, magic, comedy) and all of the other attractions like Silver Dollar City, mini-golf courses and go-kart tracks. Not only is there a ton to do for all ages, many of the attractions and shows are relatively inexpensive compared with other comparable amusements around the country, and hotels on the “strip” are priced very low.
  2. Branson is home to conservative traditional values. This is evident in all of the shows I have seen there. One of the highlights and traditions of every show in the city is a tribute to our beloved country and the armed forces and veterans. Some do it with a traditional medley of patriotic hits, while others perform original songs. For many of the performers, this conservative-valued atmosphere is what drew them to Branson and kept them there for so long in the first place.
  3. When visiting Branson, be sure to research where the theaters and attractions are that you want to visit. There is a main drag that takes you past many of them known as the strip but it can be very congested, especially before show times in the evening. The city has recently invested in creating outside loops that can take you around the congestion to places further down on the strip and to outlying venues. Make sure you are familiar with these on a map so you don’t get stuck in traffic and miss one of your shows. (I think Branson should invest in a shuttle system for their big seasons that takes visitors up and down the strip. This would alleviate much of the car traffic in the city.)
  4. Look for deal packages when you are planning your trip. Many of the hotels and resorts offer discounts for many shows. For instance, Stormy Point Village had Stormy Point nights at many theaters throughout the week and the Dutton Family has their own inn and offers package deals for seeing shows at their theater. Also, many theaters have deals with restaurants and shops that when you show your stub of a performance you get a discount.
  5. Above all, have fun and make your visit an adventure!

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