Young Ambassadors in Nauvoo, Illinois Part 6

Old Burial Ground

This site is not right in town. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed and this was my third visit to Nauvoo. It is east up Parley Street. This secluded cemetery is a place of reflection and tranquility. The graves are from the Mormon era and a little after with many original markers still in place and new monuments erected in place of crumbling stone. If you have not been to this site in Nauvoo, I highly recommend it.

If you continue up this road to the farms further out of town, you eventually drive past the site of Joseph Smith’s farm and the Nauvoo Legion Parade Ground. There are other beautiful, historic buildings along this road but many are on private property so be sure you are not trespassing if you decide to stop and check out some of the history. One really cool building was built by the group of people who settled in Nauvoo right after the Saints left, the Icarians. In front of the house, there is a large case with news articles about the Icarians and their architecture in Nauvoo.

Willard Richards Inn

This is a private inn in Nauvoo that many people have driven past but few have been in. Since we are related the Willard, we thought we would take a chance and see if we could get a tour inside. As luck would have it, we were greeted by one of the summer staff members who took us on a brief tour into the cellar and up to the attic level telling us a bit about the house and its uses. It looked like there were four or five rooms for let. The building is beautiful and well-preserved. Maybe someday I can book a room there and stay in my ancestor’s home.

I had some many wonderful adventures on this tour and am very grateful for the opportunity I had to go with the Young Ambassadors once again. I will sum up my Nauvoo experience in one more post coming shortly …

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