Young Ambassadors in Nauvoo, Illinois Part 2

At night when we were in Nauvoo we put on our show at the outdoor stage for more than 500 people each day. On Sunday night we put on the Sunday Sociable in the local LDS chapel for more than 1,000 people. We also did short performances in the beautiful Women’s Garden behind the visitors center and several outreach performances in surrounding communities like Keokuk, Iowa, Quincy, Illinois, and Macomb, Illinois.

Women’s Garden

When you need a few quiet moments in Nauvoo or just want visit a retreat, go to the Women’s Garden. It is located directly behind the visitors center and features several statues honoring women and their various roles in the family and society. It is a beautiful place that definitely pays a dignified tribute to God’s crowning creation, women.

Quincy, Illinois

This small city was once a refuge to the saints who later settled and built Nauvoo to a grand city. As they fled from the mobs in Missouri during the dead of winter, the early saints were led by Brigham Young, as Joseph Smith was in jail, across the Mississippi into Quincy. The more than 5,000 people were welcomed by the 1,000 residents led by John Wood who would one day be Illinois’ governor. When we visited Quincy we visited his beautiful mansion.

It is so well preserved and the historical society, which cares for it, does an excellent job. Our tour guide was so extremely knowledgeable of John Wood’s history and family. I enjoyed touring his house and seeing the table that Abraham Lincoln sat at when he visited, the sideboard that was in the Jackson Whitehouse, or the room that was made especially for the boy servant so he didn’t have to enter through the girl servants rooms. I loved the furnishings original to the home and time period. Also at the historical society was a small exhibit that included original keys to the Nauvoo Temple.

This was another place where we found Lincoln on the Looking for Lincoln tour. In Quincy, we also did a short show for a local family resource center. I don’t know why but every time there is a tribute to American and our veterans I get all teary eyed. This was one of the few times on this tour.

We didn’t see much of Keokuk or Macomb where we did outreach and promotional performances, but we did visit Springfield and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. More about that adventure in my next post …

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