Nauvoo, Here We Come

I just finished a run of 12 shows with the Young Ambassadors at the LDS Conference Center Theater in downtown Salt Lake City.

Next we go to Nauvoo, Illinois for nine shows in town, a show in Carthage, Illinois and a show in Fairfield, Iowa. Nauvoo is a great place with a rich history. I head out tomorrow with a small caravan of vans. The rest of the group will arrive on Monday. It will be a great adventure.

I’ve been to Nauvoo before and love it. I can’t wait to visit the sites and feel the spirit that exists there.

Besides the sites and activities in Nauvoo, we will visit Quincy, Keokuk, Carthage, and a few other places in the area. I am most looking forward to visiting Springfield and the Lincoln Museum. I have heard so much about this museum and the holographic Lincolns exhibit.

The next two weeks will be a great adventure with the Young Ambassadors, my last with them. At the end of our time in Nauvoo, I will join my parents in a short trip to Branson, Missouri then home for a couple of days. I will keep you updated on all of the adventures along the way. While I’m out having my adventures, be sure you go on a few of your own.

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