Finishing A Very Big Adventure

So, I finished my last exam for my undergraduate career. That is if no big surprises come at me like after last semester. But planning on everything going as I have calculated, specifically grades, I will officially be graduating at the end of this week.

What a great adventure it has been. I have had so many amazing experiences and learned so many awesome things with my combined time at LDS Business College and Brigham Young University. I have many new friends and mentors. Thank you to everyone who helped me make it to this point.

I will finish my time with the Young Ambassadors this summer with three weeks of performances in the LDS Conference Center Little Theater in my and two weeks of shows in Nauvoo, IL and surrounding areas. From that point I will hopefully know what I am doing and where I will be doing it, but at this point that part of my future is still in the dark.

My undergraduate career may be ending but the name of the ceremony is commencement or beginning. So this week is the beginning of the rest of my life.

I will continue to have adventures, just not everyday BYU adventures, and share them with you while also encouraging you to have your own. I want to hear about them; please post a comment and share. Remember “adventure is out there.”

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