An adventure must for BYU students

Over the past three years at BYU, I have looked up at the Y and thought about climbing it. I have written about it for the Daily Universe and a book of traditions. I have helped promote the Student Alumni Association’s Hike and Light the Y event for two different Homecomings and managed the sound system in the trailhead parking lot for last year’s event.

Finally, yesterday, I had another great BYU adventure and hiked the Y. I wouldn’t necessarily call this one an everyday adventure even though some people do make it an everyday activity. I took two friends, neither of whom had done it, and as a student, one week left before graduation, we made it up the mountain side.

The hike is not one of the easiest I have done because of the incline. The distance is nothing but the incline is killer if you are not ready for it. Be sure to take water and wear comfortable shoes. It is not difficult unless, like me, you are out of shape. There were families with little kids climbing and people running up and down for exercise. I would also take a light jacket depending on when you are hiking. It got a bit breezy going up and if you’re there in the evening, even in the summer, it could get chilly on the Y.

This is a must do for BYU students. It doesn’t take long, especially if you’re in good physical condition. Make sure you take your camera to capture the view. And if you want a great Y experience, participate in the Student Alumni’s annual Homecoming tradition to Hike and Light the Y.

For me there is one big adventure left as a BYU student, graduation. I am excited for the next chapter of my life even though I have no clue what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be going. Now go and have your own adventure and share it with someone; you could even leave a comment here.

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