“Adventure is out there!”

“Adventure is out there!”

These four words inspired a little boy to seek adventure in one of my favorite movies, Up with Dug posterDisney/Pixar’s Up. (Side note: On my recent trip to Arizona, our tech van with 8 people had 6 copies of the movie, 4 DVDs and 2 digital copies. I love the movie and encourage you to see it if you haven’t. If it helps, it won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature and for Best Original Score.) Not realizing he and his wife Ellie had adventures all of their lives together, Carl he sets out on an adventure that goes much differently than expected. russell and carlAt last, he flips through Ellie’s adventure book to see that she counted every moment with him an adventure, and he finds the note from her telling him to go and have another. And thus, a new adventure begins for Carl as he takes Russell, a well-meaning scout curious and excited for life, under his wing and takes in lots and lots of “talking” dogs. This simple story illustrates that even the simple things can be adventures and that we shouldn’t be disappointed in the little things in life.

I have been at Brigham Young University for three years now. I transferred from LDS Business College alleviating the need for me to take my general education credits here. Because of this, there are many buildings and places on campus I have not visited. With only a couple of months left at BYU and maybe in Provo, I plan to explore these places, including museums, athletic facilities and academic buildings. I will share my little, everyday adventures on the BYU campus with you through photos and textures. Maybe you will be inspired to have an adventure where you spend so much time but know so little about, like on your campus, in your neighborhood or around or in your office building. If you are at BYU and want to join me on a little adventure, post a comment and we can work it out.

Let’s make sure we don’t miss the adventures like Carl felt he did but savor each little, everyday adventure as great. Remember, “Adventure is out there!”

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